Workshops & Classes


  • Self-Care and Mindfulness for Early Childhood Educators - Spend two hours with Jenny and Judy cultivating a self-care practice, learning about mindfulness, and taking away a few key tools and techniques to share with the little people in your lives.

  • Mindfulness for Parents & Caregivers - We offer workshops to help families establish their own practice, learn tools, and techniques to share within in their families.

  • Yoga & Mindfulness in preschools - Jenny and Judy can train preschool teachers on site how to use Yoga & Mindufulness in their classrooms. As well as spend time in the classroom to show educators how to implement these practices.

We offer a wide variety of classes for children. We also teach after school programs on site at schools, as well as in community centers, hospitals. We will teach anywhere there is interest or need. Contact us!

  • Mommy & Me / toddler with parent or caregiver

  • Preschool

  • Family

  • Teen

  • Tween

  • Adult yoga - Hatha and vinyasa

  • Private/Semi-private

  • Afterschool enrichment

  • Birthday parties

  • Girl Scout/Brownies